Christ Church, Rawdon

 Calendar & Schedule: 2017    (subject to change)



 Study (Adult)                    as announced

Corporation                        announced in the Sunday bulletin 

The Altar Guild, Cemetery Committee, Family Fair Committee, Intercessors, ‘In Touch’ Committee, Pastoral Care Committee, Sunday School Committee, and Ushers and Welcomers are all called by their own Chair or Representative.


Sunday Mass                                                         10:00am, Sunday, Christ Church                                A simplified Morning Prayer is said in preparation at 9:20am. 

(Occasional exceptions: TIME: eg. Remembrance Day; PLACE: for services at Wexford & Masonville)

Wednesdays                                                           7pm, Christ Church

Heather Hospital         3931 Lakeshore Drive   monthly, date announced in Sunday bulletin, 2pm 

St Anne’s Residence     3766 Queen Street       monthly, date announced in Sunday bulletin, 2pm 

Baptisms           These Sundays are preferred for Baptisms and the individual Renewal of Baptismal Vows. Unless there is a very strong reason for not doing so, Baptisms occur at the main parish service.
January (The Baptism of the Lord), Mar 31st (Easter Vigil), other Sundays in the Easter season (except Easter Day) & May 20th (The Day of Pentecost or Whitsunday)

SPECIAL SERVICES & FEASTS  updated as of Sept 2017

Blessing of Pets                                                                                      Sept. 30th, 2017, 10am

Harvest Thanksgiving                                                                          Oct. 8th


All Saints Sunday  with the All Souls Blessing of Graves               Nov. 5th*

Remembrance Sunday       service begins at 9:30am                  Nov. 12th,

The Reign of Christ — Feast of Title (with Lunch)                        Nov. 26th

Advent Carol Service  (at St John’s, Masonville)                          Dec. 17th, 7pm

Christmas Eve Mass                                                                            Dec 24th, 10pm                   (Carol singing beginning at 9:15pm) 

Christmas Day                                                                                      Dec. 25th, 10am

Epiphany Sunday                                                             observed on Jan. 7th, 2018

Baptism of the Lord                                                         will be observed on Jan. 10th, 2018

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity                                                     Jan. 18th– 25th
Celebration of Christian Unity                     at Christ Church           Jan. 18th, 7pm                       This year at the Roman Catholic Church (St Patrick’s/Marie, Reine du Monde)

Ash Wednesday                                                                                       Feb. 14th, 7pm

World Day of Prayer  at                                               Mar. 2nd, 2pm

Palm Sunday                                                                                            Mar. 25th

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday in Holy Week                                 Mar. 26th-28th, 7pm

Maundy Thursday                                                                                   Mar. 29th 7pm

Good Friday Ecumenical Walk                                                            Mar. 30th, 9:30am            starting at the Roman Catholic Church; finishing (about 10:45am) at the United Church.

Good Friday Liturgy                                                                             Mar. 30th, 2pm

Easter Vigil                                                                                              Mar. 31st, 8pm

Easter Day                                                                                                Apr. 1st

Pentecost                                                                                                  May 20th

Trinity Sunday                                                                                        May 27th

St John’s, Masonville, Service                                                             July nd, 10am                                                                                                                               (Christ Church at 8am)

Annual Wexford Service                                                                  Sept. th, 10am                                                                                                                                  (Christ Church at 8am)



Easter Breakfast      Tickets available only until Apr. 16th             April 23rd

NEW EVENT  Christ Church Summer Auction-Bazaar               Aug. 5th, 2017                         Rectory Garden Field — 9:30am 3pm

Supper at Legion Hall (3604 rue Albert), 5:30pm    Tickets on sale as of May 1

Parish Thanksgiving Dinner                                                              Oct. 28th

ACW Christmas Sale  & Lunch   opens at 10am, lunch at 11:30   Nov. 18th

ACW Christmas Card Party                                                                   Dec. 5th,  7:30pm

Wexford Card Party    2017 to be confirmed                                      th, 7:30pm

ACW Mission Lunch                                                                                  th                                            Proceeds benefit our companion diocese of Masasi (in Tanzania)

Winter BBQ and Dance                                                                       Feb. th, 2018                  Theme: Mexican Fiesta 

Shrove Tuesday Card Party                                                               Feb. 13th, 2018

Annual Vestry Meeting                                     Feb. th, 2018, following the Sunday service